Take your workout to the next level with our GYMSTAR resistance bands.

Perfect for:

  • Indoor and Outdoor training 
  • Assist you with Pull ups
  • Versatile motion exercises assistant 
  • Bicep curls to build stronger arms
  • Help to stretch the calves 
  • Leg drives to increase running stride
  • Good for strength, mobility and flexibility exer


  • GYMSTAR LOGO on the side
  • Red 15-35 LB (13MM)Light resistance 
  • Black 30-60 LB (21MM) Medium resistance 
  • Purple 40-48 LB (32MM) Medium-Heavy resistance 
  • Green 50-125 LB (45MM) Heavy resistance

Fabric & Care

  • Material: Latex
  • Wash in cold water

Details: Pack of 2x Core Sliding Discs

Take your abs workout to next level with these premium sliders.


    • GYMSTAR LOGO on the side
    • Works on carpet and hard surfaces 
    • You can target the specific muscle groups and tone your entire body

    Fabric & Care

    • Material: PP and Foam
    • Colour Black
    • Clean with wipes if required